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For Cerritos Soccer Academy the health of our Athletes is a priority, this brief provides insight into our safety guidelines and social distance strategies to provide a safe environment to all of our team members. 


In an effort to remain consistent with public health policies Cerritos Soccer Academy, has made adjustments to our games/practice/camps protocols. The most recent updates include the following:

• All participants (coaches, players, and referees) and spectators are no longer required to wear facemasks, although individuals are entitled to make their own personal decision and all such decisions should be respected
• We do not have spectator limitations in any fields, however, social distancing requirements remain in effect


There are two general categories to address, including individuals who have tested positive for Covid and individuals who may be in Close Contact Exposures (CCE) to another individual who has tested positive for Covid. 


Here is CSA guidance for each category:

For Individuals Who Have Tested Positive or Have Symptoms of Illness Consistent with Covid-19

* Isolation … individuals who have tested positive for Covid-19, or who have symptoms of illness consistent with Covid-19, must isolate for 5 days.
* If on Day 5, the individual has no, or improving, symptoms and has been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication, the individual may return to in-person MSI activities on Day 6.
* Day 1 for positive individuals is the day after the onset of symptoms, or the day after the date of a positive test if the individual is asymptomatic.
* Parents of a player who tests positive for Covid-19, or has symptoms of illness consistent with Covid-19, must notify their coach, and the coach must inform the parents of all players on the team.  Each parent should then consider whether or not their child would be considered to have had a Close Contact Exposure.

For Individuals Who Have Been a Close Contact Exposure (but who do not have any symptoms of illness)

Close Contact Exposure individuals may continue to participate in CSA outdoor activities, regardless of vaccination status, so long as they are asymptomatic.  A test at 3-5 days after exposure is recommended.  Individuals participating in any CSA indoor activities must wear a mask during those activities for 10 days following a close contact exposure.  As a guideline, CSA does not consider simple attendance and participation in practices or games to constitute “close contact exposure”.  Each individual case needs to consider whether they have been within 6 feet of the infected individual for a combined period of 15 minutes or longer during a 24-hour period. 

Examples that can contribute to that might include carpooling, failing to adhere to social distancing guidelines while sitting on a sideline, etc.

If there are any questions regarding interpretation, please contact CSA Operations Manager, Brenda Cerritos (  If quarantine/isolation reaches a level where the team’s ability to field a team for a league game becomes impossible, please contact the CSA office (240.316.2135), immediately.

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